WanderDog Designs Lifetime Warranty

We stand by the quality of our handmade dog products through years of wandering. WanderDog Designs warrants each leash and collar for the lifetime of the product. If you experience a manufacturing or craftsmanship defect we will repair or replace your product for free. This warranty does not apply to general wear, tear or chewing and WanderDog Designs has sole discretion to determine if a product is defective. If your product is defective, please email wanderdogdesigns@gmail.com with a description of the problem and we will do everything in our power to make it right. The lifetime warranty does not apply to dog toys (for obvious reasons.)

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Collar Adjustments 

We understand that dogs change sizes over time either from losing or gaining weight and because we want our product to last a lifetime, we are happy to resize your collar. WanderDog charges $25.00 to adjust or replace the rope section of the collar. To resize a collar, we must have the original dog collar so we can reuse the leather and hardware. We do not guarantee that the original rope color will be available. If you would like to have your collar resized, please go to the link below. 

Collar Adjustment Form